Humans Think. Animals Feel

Finding Common Ground Between You and Your Animal Companions

We owe it to our animal friends to be the best caretakers possible, so I developed a step-by-step method to teach you how to think like your animals. This empowers you to solve problems in your own way and create the relationship that works for you both. I believe that anyone who loves animals has the ability to communicate with them.

Humans Think. Animals Feel came from the Animal Communication classes that I have taught for over a decade and is full of stories, exercises and practical examples. There is a special section just about cats and some information about diet and exercise to keep your pets healthy.

You can learn to think like your pets, but they can't think like you. When we make the effort to give them information in a way they understand, they are very willing to work in partnership with us.

These are not training methods for the animal, but are  compassionate strategies to get your dog to listen, your cat to be easier to live with or your horse to work with you instead of against you. These simple techniques can be used by anyone and with every type of animal.

You don't need to develop any new talents or rush out and buy a crystal ball. You already have the mental and emotional skills you need. This book explains how to use them in new and effective ways.

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"This book is so well written - colloquial so that anyone can understand the science behind animal communication... Anyone can do this - it's easy and so effective! You owe this to your animal."

"In Humans Think Animals Feel, Patty provides great practices for getting along better with pets. I appreciate her wit with how she outlines the practices along with humorous and charming accompanying stories. I have four cats and one dog in my life and learning how to better communicate with my pets has changed my life!"

"This book is very easy to read and understand and has basic guidelines everyone can incorporate into their daily lives. It also has a chapter on nutrition. This book is a must-have for anyone with a beloved fur baby!"

"I am really enjoying your book and my 10-year-old son asks to read it every day for his school reading. He loves it! I'll be sure to pick up another copy of the book for myself. Thanks again!"


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