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Patty, age 6

About Me

I have always talked to animals. I was about 10 when I realized other people didn’t. I thought everyone knew that you talk to people in words and talk to animals in pictures.


Interview with pet psychic Patty Rayman

By: Laura Allen

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'Humans Think. Animals Feel.' ...

By: Tom Williams


Patty Rayman is a Pet Psychic

Podcast | June 24, 2018

What I Provide

Animals have emotions that are a lot like ours. I feel their emotions and translate their mental pictures into words. I am the animal’s voice and help people have a dialog with their pets.

I work with you to move your relationship from conflict to cooperation. Respect, love and trust are essential when living with animals. I look at the whole animal and focus on giving practical advice that you can use to improve your relationship.

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Remember This

Animals are not objects. They are the leading actors in their lives. They love us and are our friends and teachers. Moving past of the daily challenges of health issues or behavior challenges allows us to deepen our bonds with them.

My Book

I wrote a book to teach people how to use emotion to improve their connection with their animal companions. "Humans Think. Animals Feel" empowers you to solve problems in your own way. It is not a training manual, but more of a guide to creating deeper, more satisfying

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Missing Pets

I do not work with missing animals. If you have lost your animal, contact your local animal shelters and rescue agencies. Give them a detailed description, including age, size, sex, and any distinctive traits. Provide the best picture you have. Make color fliers if you can, and hand them out to people in the area. Be sure to include several contact phone numbers. Call your veterinarian and get any tag numbers they have listed. If your animal is micro-chipped, call the chip company. Use social media to get the word out about your animal.


Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. If your animal is sick or injured, please take them to an emergency clinic.

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