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What is a Reading?

A reading is a conversation between you, me and your pet


What is a reading and how does it work?

Animals think in pictures and emotions. I was born with the ability to communicate with them. I make a connection with your individual animal through a photo.

You can ask them questions and I translate how they are feeling into words. I am the animal’s voice.

You will be participating in the reading, and we will develop strategies to keep your pets happy and healthy. This is an opportunity to better understand them.

Animals get confused when they don’t receive clear messages from their people. I help you use physical, mental and emotional skills to change your animal’s behavior.

What I Offer

Health and Diet

  • I do muscle testing help you identify your animal’s pain level and where they hurt. Many behavior problems are related to how they feel physically.

  • I can help you understand how they feel about treatment options. Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment, but I can help you understand what they need.

  • I help you find the foods that will be healthiest for them. This gives you specific information to select their optimal diet or get several animals on the same food.

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What I Offer

Behavior & Relationship

  • I assist in solving conflicts between you and your animal so you can concentrate on the deeper, more satisfying parts of your relationship.

  • I offer practical advice for resolving challenges like inappropriate elimination, separation anxiety or excessive barking.

  • I can’t make animals like each other, but we can find ways to get them to peacefully coexist.

  • Are you looking for an animal for a specific purpose? I can help you find the best match for your personality and lifestyle.

What I Offer

End of Life Issues

  • Every pet lover will be faced with saying goodbye to a treasured companion. I have helped many people make decisions during this difficult time.

  • Understanding how they feel physically and emotionally helps you maximize the quality of their life and minimize their suffering.

  • An animal’s passing can have wide ranging effects on people and other animals in the household. I help you make their transition as easy as possible for everyone.

  • Losing an animal can be a life-changing event and grief can linger for years. I offer empathetic counseling to help deal with these deep emotions.

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My Rates

$50 for 30 minutes
$20 for each additional 15 minutes

I don’t charge extra for additional animals, but each one needs 10 to 15 minutes. Some animals have more issues, so schedule enough time to get all your questions answered.

Gift certificates are available for your animal loving friends.

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Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. If your animal is sick or injured, please take them to an emergency clinic.

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