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Humans Think.
Animals Feel.

Finding common ground between you and your animal companions.

I believe anyone who loves animals has the ability to communicate with them

Pets give us joy and unconditional love. We owe it to them to be the best caretakers possible. They can’t think like you, but you can learn to think like them. My book teaches how to use some of your best human skills to create empathy and compassion.

Understand Your Pet

The information in this book came from the Animal Communication classes I taught for over a decade. It gives step-by step instructions to correct many common behavior problems. These are gentle and effective strategies to get your dog to respect boundaries, your cat to be easier to live with and your horse to want to work with you.

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About My Book

Humans Think. Animals Feel. is full of stories, exercises and practical examples. These simple techniques can be used by anyone, and they work with every type of animal.

Improved Relationship

When you give animals information in a way they understand, your relationship can move from conflict to cooperation. Your pets want to be happy and healthy and to work in partnership with you. Humans Think. Animals Feel. gives you the tools to create peaceful coexistence with your animal friends.


Get My Book Today!

Even if your animals are perfect, you know someone who could use a little help. Humans Think. Animals Feel. makes a great gift for your human friends.

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Anyone Can Do This

This book is so well written- colloquial so that anyone can understand the science behind animal communication... anyone can do this- it’s easy and soooo effective! You need this for your animal.

Caye, Utah

Missing Pets

I do not work with missing animals. If you have lost your animal, contact your local animal shelters and rescue agencies. Give them a detailed description, including age, size, sex, and any distinctive traits. Provide the best picture you have. Make color fliers if you can, and hand them out to people in the area. Be sure to include several contact phone numbers. Call your veterinarian and get any tag numbers they have listed. If your animal is micro-chipped, call the chip company. Use social media to get the word out about your animal.


Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. If your animal is sick or injured, please take them to an emergency clinic.

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