Find out how they Really Feel

Animals have a lot to say, when you know how to listen.


Patty Rayman was born with the ability to communicate with animals.

"Helping animals and people improve their relationships has been my lifelong passion. I combine effective problem-solving with a deep understanding of animals as unique individuals" 


Animal Insite Readings

Phone readings are $45 for 30 minutes

Are your animals happy?

How can you effectively change their behavior?

What was their life like before they came to you?

Are they nearing the end of their life?


Humans Think. Animals Feeel

Available on Amazon

Learn to think like your animals.

Stories, exercises and practical examples throughout.

Step-by step method to change your pet's behavior (for the better).

Deepen your bond with your unique companions.


Health Consultations

Help them live their best life

Are your animals in pain?

Are you feeding the optimal food for your individual animal?

Are they getting enough exercise?

Are the supplements you give them effective?

Learn how life changes affect them. 


"I had a reading with Patty a few years ago and she provided insight into some major struggles we were having with our dog. Her help was increadibly valuable!"

Jen W.

"Patty has been great in helping me understand my pets over many years. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Jerry M.

"Patty loves pets and can truly communicate with them. I've been a direct witness quite a few times. I can attest to her kindness of heart and honesty."

Julio B.

"Patty knows animals incredibly well. She did a reading on my daughter's ESA dog, Koda and it was SPOT ON. We were impressed with her professionalism AND the love, compassion and kindness that she exuded as she interacted with Koda. We will be calling her again and again."

Wendy B.

Get Answers to All Your Pet Questions!

When you understand your animals you can overcome behavior challenges and create a better partnership.

Missing Pets

I do not work with missing pets. If you have lost your animal contact your local animal shelters and rescue groups. Give them a detailed description and provide the best picture you have. Call your veterinarian and the microchip company. Use social media to get the word out about your pet.


Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. If your animal is sick or injured, consult your veterinarian. If this is an emergency, don't wait for my reply. Please take your animal to a clinic.


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